Emergency Repairs

ByLoretta Nelson

Only URGENT REPAIRS will be accepted first informally but must be confirmed in writing as soon as possible.  Urgent repairs are a specialised form of maintenance and directly relate to basic issues of shelter.  Some examples are listed below:

  • A serious gas leak
  • A burst hot water service
  • A dangerous electrical fault
  • Any fault or damage that causes the premises to be unsafe or not secure

Please be advised any maintenance work that is organised by a tenant that is not considered an emergency may be at the tenant’s expense.  Other examples of urgent repairs are contained in your lease agreement.  If such repairs are necessary you must immediately contact our office by using the Request for Repairs form found under the rental tab on this site or by emailing the office  If the event occurs after hours and is an emergency please contact one of the tradespeople listed below:

  • Electrical Repairs  –  Kevin Walsh – 0407 934 059
  • Plumbing Repairs  –  Darren Manoel – 0413 702 218
  • General Maintenance  –   Call on Frank – 0425 261 693
  • Glass Repairs  –  Discount Glass Repairs – 0412 428 059
  • Locksmith  –  Jervis Bay & Basin Locksmiths  – 0412 929 197
  • Carpet Cleaning & Flooding  –   Murray’s Carpet Cleaners – 4421 4005

How to Handle Damage during a Storm

Storms are a way of life, so it is vital to be prepared for the worst situation.  The following guidelines are the best points of contact for any emergency you may face in a storm.  We cannot stress enough that contents insurance is the sole responsibility of the tenant and without it you will be unable to recover any damaged personal belongings in the event of a storm.  For assistance please contact the following: 

  • Fallen Trees, Sandbagging, Temporary Shelter and Tarps  –  SES  –  132 500
  • Dangerous power lines and  loss of power  –  Endeavour Energy  –  131 003
  • Flash Flooding  –  SES  –  137 468
  • Minor water damage   –  Manoel Plumbing   –  0413 702 218
  • Road Conditions and Safety  – Live Traffic NSW  –
  • Weather Conditions/Forecast   –  Bureau of Meterology  –
  • Personal belongings damaged   –  Contents Insurer   –  Of your own choice
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